DA! MOSCOW presents a unique museum-level project. Important installations for the history of art, series and archives are united by the exposure of the GOLD RESERVE. The collection includes works by Konstantin Zvezdochetov, Ilya Kabakov, duet Vitaly Komar and Alexander Melamid, Andrei Monastyrsky, Pavel Pepperstein, Semen Faibisovich and Vladimir Yankilevsky.


Does the prived museum of contemporary art with a collection of historically important works have a right to exist in Russia, is the public ready to accept such art, and is the country's elite ready to invest in such a project?


The presented works were shown in museums, on the prestigious Documenta, they are well known to specialists. "Here it is, the ready MUSEUM," one will say. "Yes, but there isn't ..." - and he will list the names and works that are missing on his opinion. Obviously, the GOLD RESERVE is a living story, it contains key works by recognized artists, but its future today seems uncertain. The more interesting to follow his fate and to witness his premiere.