MOSCOW CALLING — is an international DA!MOSCOW project. It is aimed at restoring connections with world culture. The year 2020 has separated people, cities and even entire countries. And if we add the sanctions wars to this list, then the principle of "every man for himself" only works for isolation. But we share one planet so humanity has common art and culture, artistic language is universal. 

DA!MOSCOW is pleased to present to the Moscow audience an exhibition project of the famous austrian artist Erwin Wurm, a living legend of the international art scene. His works will enchant both viewers and collectors.


  • «Michelangelo thought of the eternities. Our life now is extremely different; everything and everyone lives in a limited time. I...

    «Michelangelo thought of the eternities. Our life now is extremely different; everything and everyone lives in a limited time. I want to find a way to work with this… Beyond that, I want to create works of art connected with social issues: advertising, luxury goods and the idea of icons imposed by the mass media of the XXth century. Many people find my works funny, but I suppose that my tool is the idea of absurdity, like the ones of Eugene Ionesco and Samuel Beckett...»


    Erwin Wurm


  • One of the biggest european artists of our time, Erwin Wurm has drastically widened our views on sculpture, space and the parameters of a human body. Wurm’s artistic practices are quite varied: they include sculpture, performance, photography, video and installation, uniting a combination of formal tasks and a sense of humour. 

    His sculptures combine abstraction and everyday life, conventionality and physiology, showing familiar objects in such an unexpected way that the viewer starts to see them (and the world surrounding them, too) in a new light. He often combines routine and existential subjects, choosing as a plot-drive objects which we use in everyday life and through which, eventually, we define ourselves. These are the clothes we wear, the cars we drive, the food we eat, and the houses we live in. In his works, Wurm abstracted and isolated objects such as a cucumber, a sausage, and a puffer jacket to create surreal, grotesque forms that question the meaning and transience of this world. 

    Wurm works and lives in Vienne and Limberg, Austria. The artist participated in The Venice Biennale twice: with the installation Narrow House in the Palazzo Cavalli-Franchetti in 2011 and with the representation of Austria in 2017. His last personal exhibitions have taken place in Taipei Fine Arts Museum (2020), Musée Cantini, Marseilles (2019); K11 MUSEA, Hong Kong (2019); Vancouver Art Gallery (2019); The Albertina Museum, Vienna(2018); 21er Haus, Viena (2017); Leopold Museum, Viena (2017); Centro Cultural Banco do Brasil, São Paulo (2017); and Gemäldegalerie, Berlin (2016).